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Research paper on Montessori Education
{Kierre Davis}
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This research paper intends to explain and describe factors and features of Montessori education and Montessori school. It illustrates the practical implementation of Montessori education. It is an old method of education operating since 100 years. It started from the indigent nursery school in Rome and afterwards, it continued to expand at a larger scale. Approximations specify that over 5000 schools in the U.S.; 300 communal schools and few high schools apply the Montessori curriculum. Montessori program is featured by multi age classrooms, and a special curriculum of instruments (Lillard & Else-Quest, 2006). One of the famous works known
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Rather than simply watching and listening, as the majority of traditional students do, Montessori students are encouraged to participate in hands on activities that foster learning through doing. This may involve field trips, group work, or individualized activities that allow the students to work independently on their own research. As the students progress through the Montessori system, they are likely granted an even greater amount of classroom freedom. Traditional schooling, often dominated by textbooks, lectures and continuous classroom discipline, differs from Montessori education in those very areas (Martin, 2009). In contemporary age of education, with the initiation of the “No Child Left Behind act” and its significance on educational values, financial support for gifted children frequently scampers parched. Thus it is significant for parents to search different educational alternatives for talented children, who have a tendency to be independent and incredible learners, who frequently do effort in classrooms where recurrence and orthodoxy are strained and individual expression is ignored. Montessori schools were established on the cause that children have the instinctive ability to learn themselves, and the schools must facilitate children to lead their individual education. Because of these causes, Montessori schools might be the best choice for talented children (Martin, 2009). Generally speaking, Montessori students do not
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