Montessori : History And Developmental Theory

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Running head: Maria Montessori Maria Montessori - History and Developmental Theory Kelsie Nesbitt Georgian College Abstract This paper will explore Maria Montessori and her theories on early childhood education. Using information that I find online and through the Introduction to ECE textbook, I will create an organized research report describing how and why Maria Montessori has had such a huge impact on early childhood education today. After furthering my knowledge with research on Maria Montessori, I will apply her theory and philosophy to my future career or life values. Theorist 's Full Name: Maria Tecla Artemesia Montessori ( Date and Place of Birth On August 31, 1870, Maria…show more content…
( Maria adapted to her parents religious views and was catholic herself. Even though it was against Maria 's fathers belief to have a professional career, she thrived from the support of her mother and being the "confident and strong-minded" person she was. ( Profession Maria Montessori was the first woman to have a medical degree in Italy in the year of 1894. ( Her first career was working as an assistant doctor in a psychiatric clinic; this later "led to her interest in working with children with cognitive disabilities." (Introduction to ECE, 2007, pg. 49) Later on, Montessori became the director of the State Orthophrenic School in Rome in the year 1898, where she continued her work with children with special needs. Finally, Montessori was put in charge of a state-supported school, the children all of which were from less fortunate families. Maria Montessori is also the founder of Montessori Method of "education which emphasized hands-on, individualized learning within
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