Montessori Practical Life

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The baby is not an inert or passive being, but a “creative” individual, actively struggling to grow and learn. There is an unconscious urge, a life force or horme that works untiringly, but this work of the child cannot achieve perfect development if the conditions are not right.” Discuss a perfect prepared environment, stimulating his needs for emotional, intellectual stimulation, hygienic precaution and his physical growth. “There is a play of instincts within a child not only with respect to its physical growth and nourishment but also with respect to various psychic operations.” Maria Montessori…show more content…
This helps the child in his stages of growth as he will use only those materials which are suitable for him. This ensures a complete work cycle for him. The child is able to derive his principles of orientation from his environment and it, therefore, shouldn’t change and should be concrete and not vague when it comes to its setting. For e.g. when the child enters the classroom and doesn’t find the material that he wishes to use in its place, then it disturbs his mental balance and he develops insecurity. It is accepted that there is Reality and Nature in the classroom. This is because Maria Montessori wanted the child to be in touch with real, comprehensible things in his environment. She didn’t believe in obscuring the child’s sense of reality by introducing him to a fantasy world. This was to enable him to think appropriately by interacting with and re-acting to the world around him. Make-believe situations close the mind of the child. “Nature” in classrooms is necessary for him to be able to communicate with his environment and categorise his perception of his imagination. Reality and nature in the classroom helps the child develop his imagination and powers of creativity. With “real” things around him, his imaginative play is revealed through the cluster of suggestions and anticipations that gather about the things he uses. For e.g. the classrooms have many real objects such as real jugs and glasses
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