Montessori Sensitive Periods

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In this essay I am going to cover the sensitive periods and I will link them to the child’s first stage of development. I will also go over each sensitive period in full and give examples of my own experiences for each of them. I will also give explanations as to why it is important for us as adults to support and facilitate the sensitive periods and also what will happen if they are not recognised or supported at the right time. I am then also going to explain how the adults understanding of the sensitive periods and child’s unfolding development impacts his/her preparation for a suitable/favourable environment. There will also be examples of what the adults approach should be to best support the individual sensitive periods of …show more content…
These sensitive periods can also be linked to the human tendencies. The first of the six is order, this is one of the very first to show, already in the first month of life. By the child having order in his/her external environment helps them to make sense of the world and their surroundings. It makes them feel safe, secure and content and it also helps with their exploration and orientation. You will quickly notice that a baby or young child will not be very sure of him/herself and will be very emotional if their routine has been changed, especially if they are in an unfamiliar place on top of it. I have noticed this very thing with my cousins, they are in this very phase and they do not like it when their routine is turned around, by having gone out, and it is especially worse if it is at a time when they are used to having their bath. They become ratty and irritated. The second is the period for movement, this already starts in the womb because the baby has had the space to already move around. So it basically just continues after birth, the baby will move its arms and kick its legs. They will even move their head. As the child gets a few months older they will start grasping objects with their hands, they will also learn to roll over, sit, crawl stand and eventually learn to walk, which normally happens from about the age of one. Once the walking has started the child will start to explore, become curious and will also then learn
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