Montessori Sensorial Education

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Sensorial education begins the mionte a baby is born. He receives impressions through his senses. Mria Montessori believed that there was nothing in the intellect that did not first exist in the senses and the first of the childs organs that begin to function are the senses. During the forst thress years of a child life all the impressions received from the childs environment are stored in the unconscious memeory, The “mneme” A young child receives and perceives everything, both positive and negative and these impressions are stored. A child between two and six years passes through the ‘ sensitive period for the refinement of the senses’. From the ages of Three to six the sensorial impressions tha child received are educated thorugh the…show more content…
Form two and a half, the child works to obtain conscious knowledge of all that he has perceived which comes about when the childs intelligenmce is clarifying and applying and discriminating betweena l the impressions he has received. The mathematical part of a child mind does the ordering abnd classifying of all impressions and though the sensorial materials thay build an understanding. From three to six years the child forms order from the impressions he has received and his knowledge and progress msut come from accuarate observation through exploration and expierence of the environment. Children go through a sensitive period in their lives where they are acutely sensitive to the impressions recievd through the senses. The impressions recievd through the expierence of taste, touch, sight, smell and sound constructs and guides the childs understanding of the physical, social, material and natural worlds. ‘The senses, being expolers of the world, open a way to knowledge. Our apparatus for educating the senses offers the child a key to guide his exploratations of the worls, they cast a light upon it which makes visable to him more things in greater detail than he could see in the dark uneducated state” The sensorial materials isolate qualities of the impressions that the child has recioeved and perceived and isolatesit to provide a sensory impression. After the first presentation, the child makes his own connection as he works with the materials and
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