Montessori and Its Effect on Our Lives

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Montessori and Its Effect on Our Lives ABSRTACT Montessori is the foundation of every child's education and course of life. It not only develops the intellectual ability but also the physical and mental capabilities. This paper is about Montessori and the effect it has on our lives. It explains the purpose of Maria Montessori's work for the development of individuals and improving the traditional education system. Table of Contents Conventional Knowledge and Education 5 Chaos Theory and Montessori 6 Contribution of Modern Science 8 Creativity and Imagination 10 Role of Thinking 11 Broader View of Knowledge Transfer 12 The Four Planes of Development 13 Infancy (0-6 years) 14 Childhood (6-12 years) 15 Adolescence (12-18 years) 15 Maturity (18-24 years) 16 Education & Phases of Development 17 Inter-dependence of Development Phases 18 Montessori & Its Effect on Life 19 Education & Knowledge 19 Purpose of Education 20 Conclusion 22 References 24 Appendix 25 Appendix-A: Chaos theory: Seven Life Lessons (Briggs & Peat, 1999) 25 Appendix-B: Four Planes of Development 28 Appendix-C: Maria Montessori Biography (Montessori & Gutek, 2004) 29 Appendix-D: Montessori's work (Montessori & Gutek, 2004) 29 There are many factors that contribute towards a personality of a person. Personality is not developed over night. It takes times and proper training of parents and teachers to make a child into successful man. Maria Montessori (see
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