Montgomery Boycott By Coretta Scott King: An Analysis

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Almost every time, social change occurs with thoughtful, and committed groups of people who are able to spread their influence to others and grow in popularity to defend and stay true to their cause. This form of social change was very evident during the Civil Rights movement of the United States. Groups seeking change must fit these criteria in order to have an effect on society. This form of social uprising is shown in “Montgomery Boycott” by Coretta Scott King. In this account of the boycotts, it is shown that there is a group seeking change after the Rosa Parks situation. Also, this group being thoughtful in how they not only stand up for Ms. Parks, but the entire black community in seeking fair treatment for all, not just themselves. In addition,…show more content…
By commitment, the group must not give up their cause no matter the obstacle they fce or the harassment they undergo. In the text, it is shown that the group of protesters is sabotages and defaced many times but still fight for their cause. This is shown when King writes,”A white woman one of our leaflets, which her Negro maid had left in the kitchen. The irate woman immediately telephoned the newspapers to let the community know what we were up to…Martin later said we owed them a great debt.”(512). This quote shows how that the group actually benefited from the sabotage, but the real message being conveyed is that if they do not give up their cause and continue to fight for their freedoms, they will eventually impact society due to the pue effort, commitment and the sole will to make change. This is the final category to make change because as shown perseverance will go a long way because if even a small group will fight, the cause will never die out. In conclusion, social change begins with a collection of people fighting with complete commitment and thoughtfulness for all who they are striving to earn rights and opportunities
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