Montgomery County Education Observation

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There were a couple information sessions to reach out to Montgomery county residents to inform, and consult them on the programs and budgets of the County’s public school and the college. Montgomery County Council Education Committee Chair, Craig Rice, Montgomery County Public Schools Superintendent, Jack Smith, and Montgomery College President DeRionne Pollard graced the information session. I appreciated their effort to seek input from the public who will be receiving the education and it also show transparency of the whole process. Before the hearing, I had little to no knowledge of how the school (Montgomery College) got its funding and how reliant it was on the county and state. Council member Rice gave a speech outlining the budget priorities that were established by the Board of Education.…show more content…
Pollard by Amy Tutt. During the conversation, she asked me about my aspirations and future goals. I thought she would immediately forget since there were a lot who she talked to. However, I was surprised when she called me and told my story to the rest of the room. I think it shows that she cares and is happy the success of her students. Aranje and his fellow student senate had an opportunity to share their experience with panelist and encouraged them to continue to work hard in favor of the students and the parents of Montgomery county. In his short statement, he also mentioned that he left schools in Frederick to come to Montgomery College because of the quality of the education. At the end of the of the hearing I had chance to talk to council member Rice. He was thrilled to hear how Montgomery college helped me to get quality education while saving money compared to a for year university. He told me his own childhood story and the reason he is passionate about education in the success of the
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