Monthly Status Report to Sponsors

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Monthly Status Report to Sponsors 8 November 2012 Monthly Status Report to Sponsors Project Status: Green Currently, the project is moving forward well. It is on track and has not cost anything more than what was expected. At this moment, it is actually under budget. Projects of this nature and magnitude are generally expected to go over budget because of the work involved and the tight deadlines with which they must contend, but seeing this one under budget at this point in time is very encouraging. There are some risks with which the project and the developers still have to contend, however, before the project is complete. It is important to discuss and address problems with a project before they have a chance to become more serious (Das, Kar, & Parrila, 1996). In addition, it is also very important to ensure that everyone who is part of a project or who has a stake in the project understands that there could be issues that will arise in the future (Yiftachel, 1998). This awareness allows everyone to prepare as much as possible so that any issues that do arise can be quickly mitigated (Das, Kar, & Parrila, 1996). Going forward, there are two important risks that are worthy of discussion at this time in order to ensure they are monitored and handled properly. These are: The only software developer who knows how to get the project through final approval with the IRS has taken "early retirement" and is leaving in one week, and Three of the developers are located
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