Montresor Symbolism

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Edger Allen Poe’s literature never fails to leave its readers with numerous questions. “A Cask of Amontillado,” is one particular short story by Poe that puzzles many. People are especially bewildered by the protagonist and narrator, Montresor. Throughout the work, Poe created a mysterious character that has a dark side. By the conclusion of the short story, Poe has revealed a cunning, avenging, and menacing character called Montresor.
If one was to try and describe Montresor, a variation of words could be used. For example, the word “cunning” can be used to describe his personality. Early on in the short story, the author reveals how Montresor exploits his cunning behavior to get what his heart desires. In the article “CRITICAL READINGS: The Motive for Murder in "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allan Poe,” it states “Fortunato says that he will not die ‘of a cough,’ and the cunning Montresor agrees: ‘True—true’,” in this line, Poe uses irony to show Montresor’s deceitfulness” (Barabon). Montresor says true since he recognizes that in the end he will be the source of Fortunato’s death (Barabon). On the other hand, Montresor uses his cunning characteristics to lure Fortunato to the catacombs (Poe). For example, Montresor goes to find Fortunato at the beginning of the story, instead of simply asking Fortunato to taste his Amontillado (fine wine), he suggests that Luchresi, a fellow friend, would be able to decipher it better than he could (Poe). By suggesting that Luchresi
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