Montresor's Downfall

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Montresor is a round person because in the beginning of the book he’s very evil, but when Fortunato dies he gets sad. Montresor has a dungeon under the river where the armadillo lies at the end of the tunnel. Montresor takes Fortunato down to the chamber and they walk to the very end of the tunnel. Fortunato is very intoxicated during this time and doesn't realize he was chained to a wall by Montresor. While intoxicated Fortunato was chained to a wall by Montresor, and Montresor started building a wall to lock Fortunato in. After he was done building the wall Fortunato wasn’t responding to Montresor, and unfortunately Fortunato died. After Fortunato died Montrasour said,”My heart grew sick”, which means he wasn’t happy like he thought he was
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