Monty Python And The Holy Grail Satire

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In Monty Python and the Holy Grail satire is used quite often to make fun of the Catholic faith. One of the most noteworthy moments is near the beginning of the movie when the monks are walking through the town chanting. Monty Python may use rather ludicrous humor to get their point across; however, they do a good job conveying the faults in the Catholic Church and display them on film. The movie does this through setting, characters’ costumes, and music. Near the beginning of the movie there is a group of monks seen walking through an impoverished town. Unlike what one would expect from people of God, the monks do not stop to help anyone or even look at them. When there are people lying on the ground half dead, most people would think that the monks would be there to heal and give food to the poor and dying; however, they are seen passing by with their neat robes on. This represents the complete lack of caring that the upper class religious leaders show for the common person. In the middle ages, the church had complete power over the peasants. They had the peasants’ farm land for them and even pay taxes. The church influenced peasants to pay tithes, otherwise known as taxes, by threatening them. The church convinced the peasants that if they did not pay taxes then their souls would go to Hell in the afterlife. The poor had to pay ten percent of their earnings to the vastly rich church every year. All of the peasants are too scared to stand against the church
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