Monty The Penguin : A Different Perspective

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Monty the Penguin: A Different Perspective
However, this time of year has become more and more a stronghold for rampant consumer spending and materialism. In consumer culture, advertising companies play to this strength almost excessively. Take John Lewis’ 2014 advertisement, Monty the Penguin, for example. While it gives us a typical Christmas tale of friendship, love, and joy, “Monty the Penguin” also delivers strong subliminal messaging to purchase John Lewis’ products through the usage of a variety of auditory and pictorial techniques. From the opening seconds of Monty, sound is masterfully mixed to generate a sense of sentimentality and peacefulness in the viewer. If one listens carefully, he or she can hear the repetition of the
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Nonetheless, as time passes, the boy seems to lose interest in Monty, as we can see when he merely sticks his hand out for a tree ornament or drops a fish stick off the table. As the boy grows and begins to comprehend the more complex facets of life, he relinquishes the need for his sidekick Monty. To complicate the dynamic between Monty and the child, the advertisers constructed a love story for the penguin. Even though he has the best of friends, he becomes ensnared in the desire for romance. We can see this not only through the lack of enthusiasm in the penguin throughout most of the latter half of the commercial, but also through the sadness in his eyes when seeing couples embrace. In the beginning of the advertisement, Monty is very joyous, shown by him excitedly playing hide and seek with the boy, swimming through the lake in the park, and jumping up and down on the trampoline. At this point in time, the holiday season becomes essential to the message given by John Lewis. In a time filled with love and fellowship, the penguin gives an outward appearance that he is okay, but he internally craves the affection of another penguin. The holiday season has been famously described as the most wonderful time of the year, filled with love and joy. With respect to this, it can be particularly difficult for those with no true family or place

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