Monuments of Dr. Jose P. Rizal Around the World

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Buhay, Mga Gawain at Sinulat ni Rizal

Monuments of Dr. Jose P. Rizal Around the World

Rizal Park (Luneta Park), Manila, Philippines
Description: 12.7 m bronze and unpolished granite sculpture and obelisk. On one side of the Rizal Monument is a marble plaque marking the exact spot where the hero met his death by firing squad and on the other side is one of his poems. The central bronze figure is of Dr Rizal. The bronze figures around the sculpture were cast in Switzerland. Dr Rizal's remains are buried within the monument.
Inscription: I want to show to those who deprive people the
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Indeed, Nicoli’s bozeto required installations of intricate parts that were lacking in the Philippines and needed to be imported from Italy. Nicoli also specified that in order to construct the bozeto faithfully, Carara marble (the famed marble that was favored by Italian sculptors like Michaelangelo and Bernini), must be used. Of course, the contract stipulated that all materials would be from local sources.
There was also a theory that Nicoli backed out of the contract because he failed to put up the ₱20,000-peso bond as guarantee to finish the monument. Or that Nicoli was not able to come to the signing of the contract. Whatever the case, Richard Kissling was eventually awarded the contract, and his “Motto Stella” bozeto was the one upon which construction was started in 1908.
In comparison with Nicoli’s grand prize-winning bozeto, Kissling’s model was more streamlined, and almost lacks the grandeur that befits the greatest hero of the land. Indeed, when news of the change of model spread, some of the local press criticized Kissling’s model. A newspaper caricature poked fun at its design. Some unscrupulous people even put forward the ridiculous suggestion that the famous Filipino painter Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo should inspect and modify the design. In fairness to Hidalgo, he might not even have known of the suggestion and even if he did,

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