Mooc And Document Orientated Nosql Database

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MOOC and document orientated NoSQL database
MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is getting popularity in not only in Universities worldwide but also in the people who want to enrich their skill sets. As the demand grows, different MOOC websites are taking appropriate action to provide more dynamic environment. They are using NoSQL to maintain the data. Most of the MOOC websites using Document type NoSQL databases to manage videos, forums and assignments. But when it comes to decide which NoSQL database should be implemented there are many choices like MongoDB, CouchDB, ClusterPoint etc. and consequently a question arises why majority of MOOC websites are using MongoDB instead of CouchDB which is also a NoSQL document oriented database? In the following paper it will be more clear which database MongoDB or CouchDB in the present time is more suitable to use for a MOOC website.
Distance learning had three generations
1. Correspondence Study
2. Multimedia
3. Computer mediate
After the industrial revolution, correspondence study started in the Europe and United States because more skilled work force was required and also reliability and speed of postal service was improved greatly.
In the 20th century multimedia is introduced and became new tool of education for teachers and learners. Class became more adaptable to reach different kind of audience result of that even people of remote areas started to get grasp on the subject. But Multimedia still lack
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