Mood And Feelings In Adolescents Summary

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This study will further test the validity of the Mood and Feelings Questionnaire (MFQ) in obese adolescent girls who display signs of depression. This study will further develop the MFQ as an effective screening tool for children and adolescent depression. An effective screening of depression in adolescents is important for studying the potential relationship and/or impact depression has on those who suffer from obesity. If depression in adolescent girls starting at the age of 13 is shown to be associated with obesity, then treatment programs can be developed to address these issues which can aid adolescent girls to fight obesity and experience a more positive psychological and social functioning.

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Most adult mental health disorders first manifest during adolescence and early adulthood (Frisco et al. 2013). Although there are awareness programs in place concerning nutritional and physical activity, the prevalence of obesity is increasing amongst our youth. Depressed adolescents have been found to be at higher risk for the development of obesity in later adolescence and adulthood (Richardson et al. 2003). With this, some studies are suggesting that at later development, depressed girls are at a higher risk for obesity than depressed boys. The predominance of depression has been indicated to increment amid pubescence, especially among young ladies. During puberty, rapid growth and weight gain can ensue resulting in obesity (Richardson et al. 2003). Former examinations offer that weight gain is a danger component amid the move into adolescence. This may be because at this time young people go through life changes such as preparing to leave high school and entering into the labor force. Young women at this point in life may also be leaving their parental residences to enter cohabitating and martial unions and starting families of their own (Frisco et al. 2013). Weight gain is particularly prominent for depression amid significant life-course moves. Obese adolescents have lower health-related quality of life and poorer self-assessed health than do normal-weight adolescents (Frisco et al. 2013). Studies of physical and mental health during the transition to adulthood are also important because this life-course stage marks a time when adolescents experience transitions that can reshape their physical and mental health (Frisco et al. 2013). This proposed study will further test if adolescent girls who showcase signs of depression take a Mood and Feelings Questionnaire, and are put on an extensive treatment plan slow down the rate of adolescent obesity and help cope with
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