Mood Disorders

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A 32-year old female Janice Butterfield, who came in at the insistence of her husband Jed Butterfield for a consultation concerning her suicidal attempt due to dysthymia. American Heritage Dictionary defines that dysthymia is a chronic disturbance of mood lasting at least two years in adults or one year in children, characterized by recurrent periods of mild depression and such symptoms. Although the symptoms of dysthymia may be less intense than those of depression, dysthymia can actually affect the client’s life more seriously because it lasts so long. With dysthymia, he or she may lose interest in normal daily activities, feel hopeless, lack productivity and has a low self-esteem. Therefore, dysthymia prevents the
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No major depressive episode (a more severe form of depression) has been present during the first two years of the disorder. There has never been a manic disorder, and criteria for a less severe depression called cyclothymic disorder has never been established. The disorder does not exclusively occur with psychosis, schizophrenia or delusional illnesses. The symptoms of depression cause clinically significant impairment and distress in occupational, social, and general functioning. Dysthymic disorder can be described as "early onset" (onset before age 21 years), "late onset" (onset is age 21 years or older), and "with atypical features" (features that are not commonly observed). Therefore, Janice fits the criteria for dysthymic disorder spelled out in DSM-IV, where she was severely depressed and the sign of suicidal. Axis I:- Disorder involving distortion on physical and mentally and the urge to suicide- Major Depressive Disorder Axis II:- No evidence of personality disorder Axis III:- No physical disorders or conditions Axis IV:- Problems with primary support group ( marital tensions) Axis V:- Current Global Assessment of Functioning: 45 Highest Global Assessment of Functioning (past year):90 According to Janice’s case, she had attempted suicide; therefore, she ought to be hospitalized for period of time for constant assessment and mood stabilization. Later, psychotherapy is the treatment for choice for this
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