Mood, Emotion, And Sports Performance

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Mood, Emotion, and Sport Performance
Karen Chandler
Nova Southeastern University

Mood, Emotion, and Sport Performance
It seems to be common knowledge that a person’s current state of mind can greatly affect his or her performance in a sport competition, but these moods go further than just confident and happy, as it is now realized that the relationship between mood, emotion, and sport performance is a highly individualized and affect each athlete differently. Because of this, it is important to understand the difference between mood and emotion, as well as be able to use proven methods for controlling them in order to put the athlete in an optimal situation to perform at her best.
Though mood and emotion may sound like the same thing to the untrained ear, they are in fact much different. Mood can be described as a more general look into how the person is currently in life, and cannot specifically be connected with any one thing. Mood can be measured using the Profile of Mood States to get an accurate reading before and after a competition and see the effects of mood on competition. Emotion is an instantaneous and situation-specific description of the person’s response to her environment. Emotions are more spontaneous and temporary based on the surrounding situation. Though these can be confused easily, it is important to realize the difference before working with an athletic population, as emotion will vary greatly from game to game, and mood will vary more…
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