Mood Of Anne Frank

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Adolf Hitler negatively affected millions of people by putting his plan to eliminate Jews into action. They were taken, killed, starved, and forced into labor during the era of the Holocaust. As horrific things were happening to the Jews in Amsterdam, Anne Frank and her family were hiding in the secret annex, for what they thought would be a couple months. However, they did not realize that 8 people would be crammed in the small annex for 25 months, praying that they would survive until they were liberated. Although many of the historical events involving the Jews took place outside the secret annex, the mood and behavior of the characters in the drama were still deeply affected. The mood of the characters has been directly affected because of the historical events that take place throughout the story. Mrs. Frank is feeling very down about the situation involving the war, when she states, “Think of the thousands dying in the war, every day. Think of the people in concentration camps.” (Goodrich, Hackett, 164) Whenever Mrs. Frank thinks negatively about the situation, Anne gets very frustrated with her. She does not believe that anyone should be thinking with a fixed mindset at a time like this. She expresses…show more content…
There was a significant change in mood when Anne’s mother started speaking negatively about the war. Anne went from being calm, and unbothered to very irritated and angry. Another example is when there was a clear change in behavior after they had received the news about the Gestapo finding the stolen radio. Now that they know they could be captured at any moment, everyone is tense, cautious, and very rigid. The historical events in Anne Frank affect mood and behavior of the characters. There are many important historical events in the story of Anne Frank that have affected the mood and behavior of the characters in the
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