Moods of Norway

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Moods of Norway case indicated many interesting issues relating to brand management study. In this paper, first, we outline two key challenges that Moods are facing, then analyze the brand based on CBBE pyramid, and finally suggest two marketing programs that the company should invest. 1. Key challenges The first challenge facing Moods of Norway is expanding the business to U.S. This is always a profitable but risky opportunity for every firm, including Moods of Norway. The company with “free styling” wants to “just go to the U.S. and see what happens” (Austin, O’Donnell, and Krogh 2009, 15). However, U.S. market – one of the most difficult markets in the world – has many implicit challenges for Moods. Firstly, their brand is unknown…show more content…
Although this concept is highly successful in Norway, it is very difficult to apply to other markets. This requires Moods to develop another “story” to tell in US market. Brand Judgments Brand Judgments and Brand Feelings are both of brand responses that “elicit the proper customer responses to this brand identification and brand meaning” (Keller 2008, 60). From the performance and imagery of Moods of Norway, we know partly about the customers’ evaluation of the brand. Following the Possible Measures of Brand Building Blocks that is given by Keller (2008, 75), firstly, Moods bring good value for customers. Indeed, they not only provide the clothing products for customer, but also provide a chance to interact with their clothes by inscribing the lore on its inside. Customers receive more value and feel more satisfied by Moods of Norway’s fun stories. Secondly, in comparison with standardized goods, fashion collections for the winter are not the same for the summer and its change over years continuously. Hence, customers judge the brand based on the success of previous products, other customers and especially in designers’ reputation. By borrowing associations from its high-qualified designers and owners, Moods become trustworthy and credible brand (Keller 2008, 305). People buy their products because they can trust the Moods Boys’ innovativeness and uniqueness. As mentioned in the case: “When customers and partner companies sought
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