Moon Shadow In The Middle Kingdom

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In the Middle Kingdom,China there was a boy name Moon Shadow and all he wanted to know about was the land of the Golden mountain,but whenever he asked he would never get the answer from his mom which would always change the subject.Moon Shadow wanted to know about the land of the Golden mountain because his father was there and very often he would get letters from him but he wanted to see him up close.Moon Shadow had never seen his father because he had left a couple months before he was born.The only thing his father left over in the Middle Kingdom was his kites,which Moon Shadow and his mom would fly.Later a man named Hand Clap had news coming all the way from the land of the Golden mountain.The man Hand Clap was one of Moon Shadow’s cousins and what he said that Moon Shadow’s father father had wanted him to go to the land of the Golden mountain.His mom said that they were going to beat him up…show more content…
After that they all went to the Company which they were going to stay at.After Moon Shadow was settled they all went set the table and waited for the food to be ready.When White Deer was finished cooking they got the food and ate and when they were full they knew it was the perfect time to give Moon Shadow presents for his arrival.They gave him boots a tunic and trousers and a black hat.Then his father brung out the best present from his dad.One of his wonderful kites that he made for him.Uncle Bright Star said to Moon Shadow “What do you say to the people who gave you your gifts?”Then Moon Shadow said thank you to everyone.Then he went to put them away but when he got back down stairs he heard shattered glass so he had to get down.They looked who threw it and it was the white demons.The demons were drunk because they had just came the saloon.When Moon Shadow saw the demons he saw their red faces but he noticed they did not look as bad as he thought they would be.While they were throwing stuff at the company a man ran in and said to Moon Shadow that you will be needing
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