Moon Shadow Of The Golden Mountain

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Moon Shadow is eight years old (by Tang traditions) and lives with his Mother and Grandmother in China. Moon Shadow’s Grandfather went to work in America and was lynched by a mob. Moon Shadow has never met his Father who is currently working overseas in “the land of the Golden Mountain”. Moon Shadow’s Father was a master kite maker in China; however, he went overseas to work during the Gold Rush and now cleans clothes for a living. Moon Shadow and his Mother love to fly the kites his Father made and left for him. Hand-Clap is Moon Shadow’s cousin. Hand-Clap brings a letter to Moon Shadow’s home with an important invitation from Moon Shadow’s Father. Moon Shadow makes the decision to go to America as his Father has requested. He is scared and nervous but feels he must obey his Father’s wishes. Hand-Clap takes Moon-Shadow to America by boat where he must successfully cross through customs. Moon Shadow meets his Father for the very first time at the end of Chapter 1. Moon Shadow meets the various members of his family for the very first time near the docks. They travel together through the city toward Chinatown. Moon Shadow observes that there are no women visible in the streets. This is because the men are not allowed to bring their wives with them. Moon Shadow arrives at the Company of the Peach Orchard Vow. This is where the Tang family work and live. They run a laundry business located in the bottom floor of the building. The Tang members have a celebration dinner to…
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