Mooney Aviation Company

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In the year 1929 Albert and Arthur Mooney came together and they started an Aircraft Company known as Mooney Aviation Company in Texas. This research paper will examine this Aircraft Company from its initial operation in the global air industry and how it has been operating with all the ups and downs posed by technological and economic changes across the globe. Typically, Mooney Aviation Company is a privately owned company that aims at making profits, offering the best or high quality airplane services to its clients. In addition to this, Mooney Aviation Company encourages its employees to be creative and innovative thus enhancing their personal growth. Apart from being friendly, Mooney Company treats its employees with a lot of care,…show more content…
For the case of Mooney Aviation Company, one of the forces that I will consider most consider significant for the company is entrance of new competitors into the Aviation industry. The coming of Southwest Airlines into the aviation industry has adopted the same leadership strategies and coordination that Mooney Aviation Company is already using. As a result of Southwest Airlines coming into the aviation market, it has posed a lot of competition to Mooney Aviation Company. Despite the fact that, the two Airlines are separate entities by adopting leadership culture, strategies, and coordination, there is a probability that Southwest Airlines will sway away some of the Mooney Aviation Company customers. In addition to this, Southwest Airlines is accredited to additional services to its customers as well as ensuring that its crew members are treated with outmost respect. Furthermore, this company has embraced a culture whereby employees are recruited in a competitive manner thus this company has the most experienced professionals. Undoubtedly this culture that has been adopted by southwest Airlines attracts many customers and employees especially those ones employed by Mooney Aviation Company. In response to these forces, Mooney Aviation Company is taking advantage of its human resource personnel. Managers from this department have been given a responsibility of ensuring

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