Moonshine: A Narrative Fiction

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I didn’t know then that I was getting rolled into a joint of crazy and I don’t mind now either. let’s call her friend moonshine she was in high school, a junior at the time, she was 5’9 with a model build and deep pitted acne scarring. It was no wonder though she was so skinny, she was worse off than me .It was nice being the moons friend. it was nice not being hidden, having someone to talk to, someone who understood, we had similar child hoods apart from the fact she had no one to expect better from. I guess that’s why it all fell apart she was like Rome so tall, great and glowing despite her flaws until “chandler” and “native” came along. They were in there twenties and even if I was blind, deff, and dumb I’d be able to tell if they walked into the room just by the heavy energy they carried.…show more content…
I didn’t understand but I’m grateful now. While I was being pushed further away nico was being pulled further and further down she had tried overdosing on moonshines premadels, she took them since she fasted a lot, thankfully nico didn’t take anything harmful. I wanted to know why I was being pushed away, and why everything seemed to be falling apart. The answer was coke , moonshine knew my view on hard drugs and alcohol so I had lossed my place in the group. I had decided that I didn’t want a part in there world after all she’d chosen drugs over me. Nico and chandler decided the same after getting into a relationship they left that life and became a functioning couple despite her age making it
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