Moore Vs Texas

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he death sentence has been around for all most all of our counties history starting with hangings and execution style deaths. The Fifth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments stand behind the death penalty in the United States until the 1960’s when people started challenging the basic legal standards if the death penalty is correct. People started seeing the death penalty as a form cruel and unusual punishment and a way of it keeping our country in the “older times” During the mid-Nineteenth Century a movement called the Abolitionist Movement started to gain the county attention (especially in the Northeast) and the death penalty started to move out of the public eye and into correctional facilities. Pennsylvania being the first state to do so in 1834. Some of the first states to abolish the death penalty were…show more content…
Bobby James Moore v. Texas
On April 25th of 1980 Bobby James Moore who was 20 at the time, along with two other men (Willie Albert Koonce and Evertte Anthony Pradia) were in the process of robbing a convenient store located in Houston, Texas, when James McCarble (store clerk) was fatally shot. When Scott realized what was occurring she started to scream, this is when Bobby James Moore than shot 73-year old employee James McCarble in the head killing her. Moore fled the scene, and was found 10 days later, arrested and charged with capital murder- the jury sentenced him to death.
Moore’s sentence was affirmed by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in 1985
Moore began state and federal habeas proceedings, where the federal court granted that Moore the his Sixth Amendment was violated during this trial and punishment phase because he was deprived of ‘effective assistance of counsel”.
A federal district court decided that Moore was deprived, and his Sixth amendment was deprived, and was granted habeas relief with the fifth Circuit court of
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