Moose Compare And Contrast

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Moose isn't much of a sleeper. He tends to stay up at night, thinking and dreaming about what if's and should of been's. He is rarely even able to go to sleep with such thoughts, but when he does, he's usually woken up by a quiet noise, or his brother. His brother, who actually decides to go by Max, is an eighteen year old boy that has a very annoying personality. Him and Moose are completely different people, yet share many qualities. For instance, both have brown hair and aren't very tall, but they do have sparkling caramel colored eyes and perfect teeth. "Hey," Max whispers, shaking Moose's shoulder. "Hey, get up," he repeats. Opening his eyes, Moose tries not to make any movement, pretending as though he is asleep. "Dude, I really need
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