Moral And Immmoral Permissibility Of Abortion

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Introduction and context
I will be discussing the distinctive circumstances of gestation and how it can be used to decide if abortion is morally or immoral. There’s is nothing wrong with killing a fetus or embryo as these processes only violates the process of the embryos and early fetuses, not of that of a human being. The fetus exist because of the mother but the mother doesn’t make the fetus life any worse off in anyway by deciding not to keep the pregnancy.
Problem statement
Abortion is permissible under certain circumstances, but right to abortion under these circumstances gives mankind the right to destroy life, which is something we have no absolute right in destroying. A fetus is life with no fundamental human rights, therefore the process of abortion doesn’t affect any human rights violation.
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The distinctive connection between moral and immoral permissibility of abortion can be understood by understanding what is legally at stake for the women if she continue with the gestation of the fetus and her moral violation of human right if she is forced to continue gestation. According to (Rothman.1989) the decision to abort isn’t with the intension of destroying but rather of refusal to create, therefore the reason to abort lies with the mother or the parents of the fetus, the creators of
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