Moral And Rhetorical Analysis Of 'Remember The Titans'

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Good morning/Afternoon Mr Harrop and fellow peers,

Today I will be analysing the moral/ethical issues and dilemmas in a non-literary text to understand how the director and writer uses texts structures, language and visual feature to influence viewers. The source that will be analysed within this speech is ‘Remember the titans”. Remember the titans is a 2000 American sports film directed by Boaz Yakin. It follows the real life journey of a newly appointed African American coach and a high school team on their first season as a racially diverse unit. Throughout their journey, they are faced with many moral and ethical dilemmas such as peer pressure and racial differences. Textual structure and Visual features such as camera
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The film brings to light many moral dilemmas such as the fact that two different races have to work together against their wills to win a game they love.

Body 2
Moral dilemmas have been presented throughout the film Remember The Titans. This includes the moral dilemma that ‘Whites’ and ‘Blacks’ from two different football teams are forced to come together and play for the rest of the season. Despite many riots and complaints about the sudden change, the people must obey due to government commands. A particular scene that shows this dilemma is the high school scene. During the film, there was a scene that occurred where the director shows both schools conjoining the ‘Blacks and ‘Whites. While transitioning, the camera shows many angry rioters and parents against this dilemma, showing their anger through signs that have racial slurs and discrimination.
The way the director has presented this scene to the audience, helps them open up to the fact or statement that certain dilemmas pushed onto people can turn into an important outcome. They want the audience to feel that even though this situation at the time did not seem fair, it was still necessary to ensure a change to occur in the future. By using visuals such as the camera angle and zoom up on certain faces and signs in the scene, it helped effectively reinforce the directors intended message.

Body 3:
Many characters within the movie had been faced with moral dilemmas and issues. A particular character that
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