Moral And Social Developments Of Children

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The moral and social developments of children in their first years of life are critical. Children go through many stages that influence their lives such as family, school, friends and technologic or the media. During infancy, children learn from the people around them to recognize the good and bad in this way begin to form their idea of morality. Researchers like as Jean Piaget and Lawrence Kohlberg carefully studied moral reasoning of children and girls. Both agree that moral development progresses slowly and is an orderly process that takes time. Piaget all its research center in the perception of children as Kohlberg came to adulthood. According to the psychologist, in her book Ramona Rubio Developmental Psychology (1992) states that for Piaget and Kohlberg’s moral development is not understood as a process of internalization of norms, otherwise acquisition of autonomous principles of justice.” Jean Piaget and Lawrence Kohlberg studied moral and reasoning carefully. These are some of the Main principles de la theory of moral development, from Piaget and Kohlberg

Piaget Kohlberg
Morality means respect by social rules and it is founded on justice reciprocity and equality between
Piaget found stages in childhood:
a) Stage of morale and the obligation (children / as perceived all adults as superior, They think about result and not about intentions) extends to the
7 or 8 years.
b) Stadium morale
Cooperation (mutual relations and not unilateral, comprising
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