Moral Compass Essay

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Running head: MY MORAL COMPASS

My Moral Compass

My Moral Compass
Our deepest and enduring sense of identity comes from realizing our connection to the larger world (Bloom, n.d.). Morality directs life’s journey; it is the basis of all decisions, attitudes, and goals. The process of being moral is developed from personal experiences and parental guidance. One set of values may differ from another, but neither is wrong. The Code of Ethics designed by the American Nurse’s Association (ANA) in 2001, is the framework for ethical practice and personal moral beliefs in nursing. The moral compass is the key component to ethical decision making and practice as defined by ANA. Nurses use a moral compass to guide them in ethically caring for
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My passion extends to when I was a child, dreaming of practicing medicine free of cost to people who really needed the care.
Cultural values also influence decisions made in my nursing practice. The American culture is a melting pot of values. Two that are important in my life are family and will power. Family is a scared part of my identity. I grew up as an only child in a single parent household. When I was a young, I remember the realization of how important it was to have family because I was a latch key kid. I make it my mission to incorporate families in patient care and to educate other medical professionals on family centered care. Also, strong will power is highly important. The positive energy exerted from strong will creates a healing atmosphere. The positive attitude that a nurse presents allows for better healing. In nursing, it is important to instill strong will power in patients; they are at their weakest and need direction. Will power also serves as a motivator for other staff to provide excellent patient care.
Spiritual beliefs also have influence on a professional moral compass. My inner guidance is the bases for my spirituality and religious values. I was not raised religiously, but have attended church a few times. I have studied many of the world’s religions in depth. I believe that life is a spiritual journey that is guided by positive and negative energy. Kindness and hope release positive energy into the

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