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A compass is a navigational tool used to guide its user in a desired direction. It has four directions; east, west, north and south. A moral compass, which I have recently learned, is also used to guide its user in a desired direction. A moral compass, when used, will provide its user moral focus as the user learns to lead in an ever more challenging and demanding world throughout their life and career. A good leader needs a moral compass that will keep the leader grounded in his most cherished values while negotiating and collaborating with people who may have radically different value systems and lifestyles. As does a navigational compass, a moral compass also has four major directions, or parts. Moral Vision, Moral Code, Moral…show more content…
Hopefully, they too will take away the elements of good teamwork and proper winning and losing as I did growing up. My moral vision will also help to shape my professional future. As my career continues and my experience grows, I will hopefully be looked at as a good leader and teammate. Without the positive moral vision that I shaped while growing up, my future as a leader would not possible. MORAL CODE A moral code is the elements and framework used to shape my values and decisions throughout my life. Just as a pastor would base all actions on a bible, I base all actions on my moral code. I have always known that I have a moral code that I am following but until now, I have never attempted to articulate it. In the future, I hope to become a great leader for whatever company I am working for. It would probably be beneficial to me to figure out the major points and elements to my moral code. According to our course manual, "A Moral Code is a coherent system of reasoned beliefs and normative principles to guide behavior". Using the Primer Moral Theory information in our course manual required me to give this definition much thought and allowed me formulate some stances on the topics that were listed. For Cultural Relativism, which says different cultures have different moral codes, I found myself most disagreeing. Obviously, there are special situations and circumstances but for the most part, I believe that all cultures should follow the same

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