Moral Decline in the United States Essay

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Many people try to argue that there is not a moral decline going on. I have heard things such as, “the ratio of moral people and unmoral people is the same as fifty years ago; as the population grows the amount of moral and unmoral people grow too.” And what about “life around us is changing, we just have different priorties and values which determine our morals.” Everyone has their own idea of morality, what’s right and wrong and what is causing this moral decline, if there even is one. I believe there is a moral decline in our country and 74 percent of Americans agree with me according to the Cultural and Media Institute. Not only do people feel it is a decline, but the Public Agenda Survey reported that 61 percent of adults are …show more content…
Why has extreme poverty in the US reached its highest point in at least three decades (McClatchy Newspapers, Feb. 22) Why is suicide the third-leading cause of death for 15- to 24-year-olds (according to the CDC)? Our country has fallen away from Jesus Christ. The foundation on which we were built has been destroyed, leaving us with a broken house. This nation is not living under God. The Bible, in which should determine our values and thus morals has been ignored making our nation morally corrupt. As we continue to let others, such as our peers and the media, determine our self-worth, social status, priorties, and boundries they will continue to direct us in the ways immorality. We need to start thinking for our selves and getting back to basics. As a Christian what I have observed in my school and in my generation is that youth do not understand what it is to be a Christian and disciple of Christ. There are those who do not have a personal relationship with Christ nor understand what being a true Christian. Then there are those who claim to be Christians but continue to live their lives with the rest of the world. And at last those who have truly dedicated their lives to Christ and have a personal relationship with Him. In 2008 I started my own organization to encourage teens to have a daily prayer life and personal relationship with Christ. I saw this need in my school and I decided to do something about it. The scripture that I use for my organization
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