Moral Development During Adolescence Essay

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Module code: HRPYC81 Research report for Project: 4805 Assignment number: 27 Title of Study: The Determinants Of Moral Development In Curbing Adolescents’ Moral Decay. Surname: Zondo Initials: G. L. Student number: 43097855 Examination period: October/November 2015 1 The Determinants Of Moral Development In Curbing Adolescents’ Moral Decay. Abstract The study explored the determinants of moral development in curbing adolescents’ moral decay. These determinants included identity development, gender, parental (mother) relationship with adolescent, and ethical and moral values. A mixed-model method (both quantitative and qualitative) was used to conduct the study. Participants were sampled through convenience sampling. The sample of a…show more content…
Determinants of morality on adolescents have been focused on moral cognitions and socialisation agents, principally parental influences, as contributed by cognitive developmental and moral socialisation theories. Research shows that higher level reasoning in adolescence is related to parenting that is supportive and stimulates adolescents to question and expand on their reasoning, as well as with an authoritative parenting style (Eisenberg and Fabes, 1998). Furthermore, the foundation for a coherent positive identity, as Erikson believed, originated in the successful psychosocial outcomes of infancy and childhood, but it is not until late adolescence that young people become absorbed in the task of establishing their identity as it is during adolescence that individuals begin to assume commitments to future occupations, adult sex roles and personal belief systems. Consequently, if one's value system and behaviour code, which govern moral reasoning and resultant behaviour, are to any great extent shaped during adolescence and influenced by the individual's identity, the period of adolescence becomes an important and sensitive one with regards to moral development (Eisenberg et al, 1998) (Caravita, Giardino, Lenzi, Salvaterra, & Antonietti, 2012). For the purpose the study, the researcher explored the reasons behind the decline of moral standards at Gebeni high school. Gebeni high school is situated at Gebeni rural community, in the
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