Moral Development of an Adolescent

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In his Stages of Moral Development, Lawrence Kohlberg states that human beings progress from a Preconventional Level of moral development (in which they refer to rules imposed by others) to a Postconventional Level of moral development (in which they refer to rules imposed from within themselves). Just as Kohlberg states, adolescents undergo moral growth in stages. They may be easily influenced by peers or by environmental cues, but most teens grow to assert impressive measures of responsibility in their moral growth.
Identification With Role Models that affets moral development of adolescents:
1. The first positive role model that any child should have is a parent. Nevertheless, many parents fail to realize the value of modeling positive
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Such contrasting views of adolescence are common throughout the twentieth century and appear in many research findings. During the 1960s, for instance, American youth (adolescents as well as post-adolescents) were derided by some for their selfishness, lack of values, and radical individualism, whereas others praised their moral commitments to alleviating racism and poverty and their efforts to bring an end to a war. In turn, during the late 1980s and the 1990s, a number of commentators have maintained that society is experiencing moral crisis and breakdown that has led to a rising tide of juvenile delinquency, adolescent drug and alcohol use, and teenage pregnancy and childbearing ( Bennett, 1992 ; Whitehead, 1993 ; Wynne, 1986 ).

A variety of theories exist when it comes to deciding just when and where adolescents begin their moral development. Something as important as the moral values that they will enact later in life while making decisions, passing judgment and creating relationships can be influenced by something as small as a schoolyard confrontation, or gentle parental guidance. Each psychologist or expert has a different theory on moral development, all which can help shape the child's moral identity.
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