Moral Dilemmas At The Yorktown Gym

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Moral Dilemmas In the Workplace: Yorktown Gym Ethical dilemmas can arise in any situation and they can happen in a group setting or an individual setting. Workplace dilemmas can occur at any time and can appear as minor situations, or they can be a more serious situation. In individual settings, ethical dilemmas may seem more prominent and harder to determine what the right action to take would actually be, because no one else is present to say whether something is right or wrong. This is the situation in my case. I work at the Yorktown Gym for Robert Morris University as one of the health club monitors, and during my shift, I work alone. Because of the situation that other employees and I are in, we face multiple dilemmas every time we work. While I would never actually give in to any of these dilemmas, I face the dilemmas of lying about my hours, working out on the job, and leaving work whenever I want. All of these situations go along with ethical theories that explain why these dilemmas are right or wrong the reasoning behind them. The first ethical dilemma that employees and myself face at work is lying about our hours. To “clock in,” employees sign into a website and enter their start and end times. At the end of the pay period, the times are checked off and sent in to determine our paycheck. However, people switch shifts all the time so employee’s times are always changing. Whenever another employee or myself clocks in, we could lie about the times that we were

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