Moral Distress, Ethical Climate and Nursing Ethics

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Moral distress, ethical climate and nursing ethics
Ethics and Morals play an important role in the nursing profession; nurses are confronted with choices to make every day, and some of them more challenging than others. Ethics are affirmations between what it can be right or erroneous. For our society ethics is presented as a complex system of principles and beliefs. This system serves as an approach with the purpose of ensuring the protection of each individual within the society. On the other hand, morals are basic standards between what is right or wrong; each individual learns to identify these standards during the early stages of human development (Catalano, 2009). A person with morals is usually somebody who recognizes how to respond to the needs of another individual by giving care and keeping a level of responsibility while giving this care (Catalano, 2009).
Moral distress
Moral distress is describe as the phenomenon in which a nurse understands and has clarity about a right action to take, but is constrained from taking it. It differs from an ethical dilemma in which there is recognition of a problem; in which at least two ethically justifiable but opposing solutions can be applied (American Nurses Association, 2014). Moral distress was first recognized among the nursing field; because of this, many of the studies have focused on the nursing population. However moral distress has also expanded to many other fields, making it now a multidisciplinary concern
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