Moral Duty?

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Patricia Sanchez Philosophy 105 Intro to Ethics Question 2 of 2 Do we have a moral duty to help starving people on the other side of the world, who we will never meet? To aid hungry nations or not, is a complex issue. One that, I myself, have had some trouble even formulating an idea. Initially, when I think of this, I immediately say “Yes, we help!” But after reviewing some of the literature, case studies and political views on the subject, I am not so sure. As human beings, I believe that we have an inherent duty to help others who are in need. I prefer not to mention things I have done to help others, but in this context I believe it to be imperative. If someone is hungry, I have gone out of my way to feed them; the…show more content…
It appears as if today’s moral code is solely based on “what can I get from this or how will I look”-type of strategy. I, personally, would love to be able to help all the suffering people; the hungry, the deprived, the mentally-ill, the wounded, etc., etc., However, I am one person, and for most days it is all I can do to take care of myself and my own. I truly believe that this is what the world will come too. A Social Contractual kind of life. Everyone will be out for themselves, killing will not matter, stealing will be necessary, and lying will become a distinct part of average conversation. I put God into my day wherever, and however I can, when I remember. Remembering is the tough part. There are so many variables trying to pull me away from the serenity of God’s power. This and only this-EGO- has deflated our society and left us with nothing but our smartphone and indignation toward our fellow human beings. It is a sad time
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