Moral Duty of Care

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Moral Duty of Care 1 MORAL DUTY OF CARE Moral Duty of Care 2 There are so many challenges when dealing with a sick loved one. But it can even more difficult when they are unable to speak for themselves, uninsured and an illegal immigrant. In this paper we will determine the best possible solution to this ethical dilemma by applying the model for making moral decisions we will explain the moral duty of the hospital. As the director of respiratory care…show more content…
Therefore the hospital has or is doing their moral duty of care by providing care by getting the patient stable enough to move to another floor or discontinue treatment measures that are already in place. The Moral Duty of Care 4 Joint Commission (TJC) provides core measures of quality that health care organizations must report and has set compliance standard for those measures and the patient’s diagnosis does not meet any of those core measures(Sadeghi et. al., 2013). Therefore we feel that the patient can be moved to the stroke unit where there is measures set it place that can accommodate the patients current condition since the family does not want to discontinue the ventilator. Informed consent is essential for patient autonomy, as well as respecting the family cultural and religious values. But I assume that this was done when the patient was admitted for a stroke and the patient’s family signed off on this consent when the physician informed them of the patient’s underlying conditioned. Jesus respect for those in need of healing acts as a guide for patient interactions (Mark 10:46-51). In this case the patient is unable to communicate and has no advance directive or living will set in
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