Moral Ethics

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Organizational culture refers to the values, assumptions and behaviors shared by people who work within an organization. These attributes impact the general behavior of people within the organizations in many dimensions. Each organization’s culture is unique to it and it governs the acceptable and unacceptable behaviors of its members (Turner, 1998). In dealing with criminal justice ethics, organizational culture may influence the level at which ethics would be applied. Additionally, when handling matters of police misconduct, ethics are likely to be compromised. This assertion is due to some organizational cultural practices practiced by most police departments. For instance, when dealing with misconduct within the police department, the…show more content…
Sometimes, one may be exposed to being overworked through as a means of revenge tactics long after the guilty senior has served his punishment. There are many ethical and moral considerations that should be made before taking any decision. The most important one is to know that one has all the facts before he chooses the avenue of the reporting the officer to the seniors. These facts may include records, pictures, physical objects and any other piece that may be used to back up the report. The other consideration to be made is to ensure that the decision would be in tandem with the law. Therefore, before exploring any avenue, one has to ensure that he there is no law that prevents him from proceeding in that direction. The other consideration to be made is the ethical consideration of ensuring that one does not tarnish, the reputation of the department or organization where he works. This means that one has to exploit all the possible and required procedures before going public in cases of misconduct. Criminal justice organizations should tackle police misconduct by first understanding the causes of misconduct. Usually the base of misconduct stems from the management structure. Misconduct is more likely to be caused by workers higher in the rank than those lower. The other base of misconduct is brought about as a result of organizational culture. Therefore, criminal justice organizations should deal with such cases creating awareness at the two bases. In the

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