Moral Issues In My Sister's Keeper

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My Sister's Keeper novel is an interesting and exciting novel that addresses some important moral and ethical issues. Judi Picoult had successfully published My Sister's Keeper in the year 2004. The book tells the story of Anna Fitzgerald, a 13 years old girl that was genetically selected to be a savior sibling to save her older sister's life. Kate, Anna's older sister has an aggressive type of leukemia. Anna eventually filed a lawsuit against her parents for the medical emancipation and the rights of her body when she was expected to donate a kidney to Kate.
The events of the story take place in a fictional town called Upper Darby town, Rhode Island. In the year 1990, doctors diagnose Sara’s and Brian's Fitzgerald two years old daughter,
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Hesitantly, Anna takes the stage and confess that she filed the lawsuit against her parents because her sister Kate told her to do so. Anna also explains that Kate asked her not to donate her kidney because she was bored of being ill and expecting to die. At this particular moment, Campbell suffered an epileptic seizure. When Campbell woke up, he explained to Julia that epileptic seizures are the reason that made him leave her, and that's why he has a guard dog, because it can predict when the next seizure will come. Although Anna loves Kate, a part of her wanted Kate to die so she will not remain restricted with Kate and to have more freedom in her life. In the end, the Judge decides to give Campbell the medical power of attorney over Anna and grant her the medical emancipation. On the way back, Campbell and Anna were injured in a car accident, and Anna underwent irreversible damage in her brain.
Campbell, with the medical power of attorney granted to him, decided to donate Anna's organs to Kate. Although Anna died, Kate will still carry her sister with her in her body.
My Sister's Keeper is a beautiful and emotionally moving novel that tells the story of a girl who was created to preserve her sister's life but wanted to live her life freely and independently just like any other normal girl. If you are not affected by this novel, even to a little degree, then you surely have a cold heart. This novel has taught me the importance of independence, freedom, choice, love, ethics, morals, and justice. I will certainly recommend this book to all
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