Moral Issues in film Dead Man Walking Essay

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Moral Issues in film Dead Man Walking The film, which I am analysing, is 'Dead man walking' the moral issue, which is being dealt with, is capital punishment. The film was based on a true story, therefore we get a true view of capital punishment. The names used in the film are the real names of the people it was based on. The film is about a man who was involved in the killing of two innocent people and was in prison for six years before the prison decided to let capital punishment take place. Capital punishment is a punishment which takes away the life of a criminal who has done wrong and cannot be forgiven because they have committed a serious crime. Another name given to capital punishment is…show more content…
When it's time for the person to be executed, the platform is released and the person is left dangling with the rope still attached to their neck. Lethal Injection is when a lethal drug is injected into the person's blood stream. The Firing Squad is when a person is standing tied up against the wall blind folded and a couple of men with shot guns aim fire directly to the persons heart. The Gas Chamber is where a person is put in a room with a deadly gas called Hydrogen Cyanide and it spreads all across the room. Capital punishment is legal in the places as followedTexas, Florida, Utah, Ohio, New York, Kansas, Virginia, and Arizona. Many Christians believe that Capital punishment is un-Christian because they believe that Jesus came to reform sinners but you cannot reform a dead person. Also Jesus said that the underlying principle that the idea of 'an eye for an eye' is wrong for Christians and should be replaced by a new attitude of love and forgiveness. Many Christians say that deterrence, protection, retribution and vindication all need to be balanced against reform, even in the case of murder. Christianity teaches that if abortion and euthanasia are wrong so is capital punishment. Some Christians believe that capital punishment can be used to avoid murder and keep order in society. They believe, Christian thinkers such as St Thomas Aquinas said that the
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