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Think about the MORAL model. After reviewing your peers’ comments, has your thinking about the issue changed? Why or why not. My opinion has not changed with Erin’s dilemma. I firmly believe that all health care providers must act by the law within their moral conscious. The nurse going to the clinic to help Erin would not have been supported by her employer and is not in the scope of her job title which exposes her to a list of liabilities. She needs to practice following her state and local restrictions and never deviate especially with a minor. She should have stopped Erin midsentence with the confession and advised her of her legal obligations and boundaries to assist. I understand that there are times one is tempted to not follow…show more content…
The nurse went to the clinic, then gets pulled inside, and the issues continue. Now the nurse is pulled deeper into a sticky situation she may not be able to extricate herself from. What if Erin’s parents find out and Erin tells them she was there in a panic? They will no doubt lodge a complaint with the hospital, and the problems continue. I know it sounds cowardly but a preceptor from me early medic career counseled me about staking your whole career on one patient, “heroics will not feed your family and save you, future patients.” I have lived by that advice for my entire career.
How can you apply the MORAL model to this case?
M- Massage the dilemma- The dilemma is that the hospital and maybe the state laws do not allow a nurse to keep Erin’s matters private. Erin has requested personal assistance away from the hospital which is not covered within the nurse /patient relationship.
O- Outline the options. Work within the scope of practice and establish a firm boundary or violate numerous laws and policies to help one patient.
R- Resolve the dilemma. Advise Erin of your inability to assist her and refer her to those who can and establish firm patient / provider boundaries.
A- Act by applying chose options. Stand your ground and stay within the scope of practice and
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