Moral Philosophy Is An Area Shrouded By Debate Essay

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The prevalence given to pleasure in moral philosophy is an area shrouded by debate. Fundamentally the argument becomes one of utilitarianism opposed by deontological ethics. Other theories such as egoism and virtue ethics provide examples of how one should live a moral life which, depending on the defined notion of pleasure, could have the value prescribed to their theoretical guides for how to lead the moral life. Often when we consider what is pleasurable our thoughts delve towards the emotions such as happiness and euphoria. Pleasure is defined as, “a feeling of happiness, enjoyment, or satisfaction” (Merriam-Webster, 2016). This definition entails the argument surrounding the importance of pleasure in moral philosophy becomes more encompassing. The inclusion of satisfaction suggests that a significant number of philosophical theories can now be considered as part of this debate. As a result of this, this essay will argue that pleasure could in fact be the most significant attribute we must assign to the moral sphere of which all-beings live within, as it is an established quality in a significant number of highly regarded theories that the philosophical community accept as some of the most influential work on moral philosophy. Firstly, as the deontological approach significantly differs from the view I shall be arguing for, to esteem it the respect it so rightly deserves it seems only just to acknowledge it as a valid theory of how one should ethically live. The
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