Moral Relativism Analysis

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Moral relativism is the view that ethical and moral statements all vary from person to person, and both opinions are equally valid because everybody has their own morals that they grew up to know. There is no ultimate standard of morality, according to moral relativism, and no statement or position can be considered ultimately right or wrong. After all, everybody is raised to believe in different ideas, and they have no reason to believe that their way of thinking is morally wrong. People are subject to certain moral demands, simply because it is what is accepted by the majority in the culture you are raised in. In what follows, I will argue that it is moral for someone to do what his/her culture finds morally right if they agree with those…show more content…
He gives us a look into the different types of moral relativism. There are three main types of relativism that Harman distinguishes between and those are normative moral relativism, moral judgement relativism, and meta-ethical relativism. Normative moral relativism is the idea that different people, as agents can be subject to different moral demands. Moral judgement relativism is the view that moral judgements are true or false relative to some standpoint such as a period in history, and that no person’s stance is uniquely privileged over somebody else’s. Meta-Ethical relativism says that conflicting judgements can both be right. Normative moral relativism ties back into our argument by not explicitly saying that the ultimate moral demands to which people are subject to necessarily depend on their culture. For example, if you think The United States Military presence is necessary in the Middle East because you do not agree with the morals that they have, that does not make your morals any more correct. The people in the Middle East are simply following the morals that they have grown up to know within their culture, and are entitled to their own morals, and other cultures should not be allowed to infringe their beliefs on another culture simply because they do not agree with their
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