Moral Responsibility

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(A) of the core moral responsibility
This is done by P. Pula Li (Peter Pratley)proposed. Pula Li believes that "the same as the implementation of quality management, companies also accept the moral responsibility of the concrete. at the lowest level, the enterprise must take three responsibilities: (1) concern for consumers, such as the ability to meet the ease of use, product safety And other requirements; (2)concern for the environment; (3) interest on the minimum working conditions. "Platts these three kinds of responsibility as " a minimum core of moral responsibility ", and the core is divided into three levels of moral responsibility : "First, companies assume an obligation to the most basic moral responsibility: to provide
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Such as corporate responsibility is at least on the environment: do not pollute the environment; active duty: protecting the environment; ideal responsibility is to: promote and improve the environment. [14] (P229, 234)

(B) Of the pyramid of corporate social responsibility this is made by Archie B. Carroll. Carroll believes that corporate social responsibility means that a particular period is entitled to community organizations, economic, legal, ethical and discretionary (philanthropic) expectations. Corporate social responsibility equal to all economic responsibility, legal responsibility, ethical responsibility and the responsibility of the sum of the charity, which means the profits of economic responsibility, liability refers to the law-abiding, ethical responsibility to do things that ethical, philanthropic responsibility means to be a good corporate citizen, as to community donated resources to improve the quality of life. These four responsibilities formed a pyramid, at the lowest level of economic responsibility, and the second layer of legal responsibility, ethical responsibility of the third layer, the highest level of responsibility for the charity. [15] (P26)
(D) The enterprise of moral obligation
This is by the famous economic ethicists De Qiaozhi proposed. Him from the
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