Moral Rights And Its Impact On Society

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Moral rights have played a role in our society for the better. These rights help make us equal and have brought up value in every person life. Moral rights should be viewed as something that should protect us from unfair judgment. In other words, these rights should give us a sense of equality in which we are all equal and given a good opportunity in life and more importantly the right to life. One of these major moral problems includes abortion in which a fetus life is taken away without having to live his/her. Some argue that a fetus hasn’t fully developed but in the future this problem has destroyed the chance for human moral rights as they take chances away for a human life to live. These fetuses should still be viewed as a human being. This should be solved because it should be part of our moral rights. Happiness and morality are independent and go together because being morally responsible and trustworthy will make a person happy. All of these moral rights each have a corresponding duty. These moral rights should be divided into two categories, Negative rights and positive rights. Negative Rights are the rights noninterference as positive rights are the right to recipience. With a negative right it can create a corresponding duty in other moral rights. As there is a positive right there can create a duty in other individuals. Moral rights like these cannot be taken away from anyone unless you consent them to be taken away. Each of this moral right should be either
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