Moral Studies Assignment

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Westminster International College

Subject: Moral Studies
Lecturer: Mr. Selva
Semester: semester 5th
Student Intake: June 2011
Submission Date: 17 December 2012

1) Explain about the Deontological Theory and state some examples. Deontological moral techniques are recognized by attention to the moral law, the freedom and obligations. To make the right moral choices, we must know that our moral obligations and that the appropriate guidelines exist to control those obligations. When we adhere to our responsibility, we act fairly. When we fail to adhere to our responsibility, we act immorally. Generally, in any deontological system, our obligations and rights are identified by God. Being moral, is the answer to the question of whether we
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Basically, Internet as a basement for human activities brings the problems and flaws of human being to new level. Negative and unhealthy elements in the Internet are produced not by devil, but by hands of other people. This problem is very sharp today and should be reviewed from different perspectives: Moral, Social, Political and Business perspectives.

2.1 Moral
As was told, the problem of unhealthy elements in the Internet is rather a problem of certain persons and their actions within Internet. From moral perspective each person should follow the code of ethics and control, be responsible for his or her actions as internet grants a big power to its users. Today the situation in the internet is very disappointing. There are no real regulations and anyone can write anything he or she likes to. Someone said that the feather can hurts more than the sword, from this point of view Internet is a nuclear bomb and before starting using it people should be taught basic rules and ethics.

2.2 Social
Human society is a system, very complicated and interdependent system. Every element and individual in it influences another. Invention of such powerful tool as Internet increased the strength of those interrelations incredibly. From on perspective it has many positive effects and outcome, but there a huge flaw in this concept. Negative elements of society such as terrorists or sects

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