Moral Values In Ancient Rome

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A long time ago, a civilization was created in Italy’s west coast, at around 1000 B.C. This civilization was called, Ancient Rome. “ancient Rome was one of the greatest empires in history” (The New Book of Knowledge). “Its geographical position in the center of the peninsula, near the sea, contributed to its growth in importance and the adventurous character of its people.” (Levine, Irving R.) There were a lot of things that were very important for the citizens of that civilization in those times. Important things like: how Rome was found, the religions that were created in Rome, things about the statesman Julius Cesar, and also about the founder of the Roman empire and the first emperor of it, Augustus. Women rights such as women not being…show more content…
But, education and moral values were also important so the society could make progress in the developing section. Citizens needed to have moral values and a good education so they could contribute to the progress of making Rome a little bit better for everyone in the area. There were some people in Ancient Rome who just chose to not collaborate with the helping of making it better because maybe they weren’t educated and didn’t know what to do if they didn’t have money, so they just did what others told them to do or maybe they just didn’t want to collaborate. As Dr. Kara Cooney from the University of California, Los Angeles said, “… and it is very telling that in the sack of Rome in 455 when the emperor flees, the people that are said to have kill them, are romans, the roman mop who kills their own emperor…” (Cooney) This quotes says how Romans from Ancient Rome just killed their emperor without any knowledge of what they were actually
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