Moral Warrior Ethics

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Hello Mrs. Repp and fellow classmates!!
The title of my presentation for now is, “Moral Warrior”. I keep changing it, as I’ve gone through this process. First, I did the typical guy thing, and I did not read ahead. So, this whole time, I’ve been doing a research paper with multiple rewrites, scrapping the whole thing, and now a 99% done product that I didn’t need to do.
My thesis: For ethics to be effective for a Soldier, ethics cannot be imposed by policy makers or the Judge Advocate General's office (JAG). The ethics must be understood, accepted and internalized at all times, off duty as well as on. The ethics has to become more than a list that's memorized; it has to become a part of one's own identity, even one's soul.
Please see the attachment for my updated outline.
I will have to use power point for my presentation, mostly because I’m deployed and the only access that I have to a computer is my government one and I cannot use any other tools.
So far my research does still support my thesis and topic. With the draw down in military force power and the changing ways we fight, the
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Maybe, just maybe, if some of the training that officers received at West Point, Annapolis, The Citadel, and other higher learning institutions, then the failures at Abu Ghraib prison scandal might not have happened or some of the other infamous examples that can be found in the past 10 years of warfare. I don’t believe it’s an officer vs. an enlisted issue, right now, officers, enlisted, and cadets are reviewing the ethical standards for our military and debating what is acceptable military behavior based on American values. From my research, military ethics training is vital to moral leadership, without it, military leaders are unprepared to make the difficult choices required in war and sometimes those leaders are the ones on the battle
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