Essay Moral and Ethical Issues, A Comparative Study

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Control. Power. Decisions, who has the right to make them? Does the Government or a group have that right or does the individual have the right? Throughout history from our first book, the Bible, to our modern novels, literature has impacted our society in a great many ways; it reveals of our faults, and our triumphs, assist society in defining our moral values and ethical views. This paper will explore some moral and ethical issues about choice through several short stories: "Sonny Blue's," "Cathedral," and "The Lottery," and there will be two novels explored primarily; Fahrenheit 451 and George Orwell's 1984. The moral and ethical views that these books and short stories show us about our society today and the lessons that everyone …show more content…
At first there are emotions of anger and disbelief towards this person, because he reminds the narrator of his brother. After some conversation, the narrator begins to realize that Sonny's friend is a human and in need of help. The narrator begins to think that ethically every person should be given a second chance. This make's the narrator think about his brother, and the narrator starts to have pity for, or towards Sonny. Now, the second major phase is between the narrator and his mother, as his mother tells him or asks him to take care of his brother. The narrator seems to feel a sense of responsibility, almost a duty towards his brother. However, there is no impact until the narrator goes to his mother's funeral. Here he starts to feel that he has not been living up to his responsibility, as a brother or a family member. The last major phase is between Sonny and the narrator. This is where he finally accepts his brother for who he is and learns to understand him as well: he also figures out that there's more to life than what is on the surface.

In the end the narrators moral view has grown to having an understanding of what it means to be a family; what family means, how we all have faults and how people should help each other out. It's his personal decision to help his brother Sonny. Ethically, according to society family members are responable to care for and watch out for each other. The narrator is tied to his brother and his family, even though he didn't
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